All Curators are B____, #2: All Guides Are Bipolar by Farez

This tour is 1 of 6 guided tours for The Substation's Discipline the City exhibition.

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9 Sep 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
7 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
8 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
14 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
15 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm

Shaiful (tickets here)
21 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
22 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
4 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
5 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
11 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
12 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm

18 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
19 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
25 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
26 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm


Tour synopsis

A museum docent with split personality escort the audience around the gallery commenting on the works that are on display. The character Beep is an eloquent punk that is well verse in the arts, speaks to the audience about the works displayed with depth and understanding while Shuwab is a bitter, out of work tour guide with limited understanding of the arts, vilify the works of art at The Substations, constantly disrupting the tour. They embody a single performer, mirroring the extremes in the society/community towards the appreciation of Arts.

About the guide

Farez Najid was trained in BA(Acting) Lasalle College of the Arts for 2 Years. His work’s include “Prism” (Toy Factory Productions 2017), “Geylang” (WILD RICE 2016), and Tan Tarn How’s “Lady Soul and the Ultimate “S” Machine” (Esplanade Presents: 2015). Farez aspires to be an educator in the realm of theatre education.
Sep 16 - Sep 24, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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10 Sep 2017, Sun, 4-5pm SOLD OUT $11.60
16 Sep 2017, Sat, 4-5pm SOLD OUT $11.60
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45 Armenian Street Singapore
The Substation